Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Beginnings

Hello friends, family, person that randomly stumbled upon this blog. Hey!

The reason we wanted to start this blog was so that all of you could stay clued in to what we are doing while we’re in Romania. We also plan on giving some updates as far as our preparation in the next couple months before we leave
For that random stumbler or any of you that want a refresher, here is what’s going on:
Last summer a group of Trevecca students took a trip to Eastern Europe, traveling to different cities and experiencing and learning about some of the ministries in those cities. Out of this trip was born an idea to go back to those places and those people they met and formed relationships with; but, not to just travel to a bunch of places and stay a few days—to spend an extended period of time working with the people and ministries and truly "Immersing" themselves in these cities. Thus, we started hearing about Immerse and the five cities and teams that would be sent for 13 weeks this summer. In October we applied and in November we were notified and told where we were going and who we would be going with.

That briefly catches us up on how this all came about and now, in January, the reality that in just a couple months 21 Trevecca students will be making our way to Eastern Europe to disperse to Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania for 12 weeks.

We're going to Sighisoara, Romania!
Our team consists of junior, Michael Follis; junior, Katie Gibson; sophomore, Evans Knowles; and sophomore, Kate Worley. The next couple posts will be each of us introducing ourselves further, so stay tuned!
We will be in Sighisoara for 12 weeks and while we are there we'll work with a compassionate ministry organization called Veritas (you can visit their website at, helping to conduct social activities for the elderly, adults, and teens with disabilities, or children and teens from poor Roma families in the area. 
Left to Right: Evans Knowles, Michael Follis, Kate Worley, Katie Gibson